New Lenses For Glasses – Replace Lenses In Your Full Rim Frames


New Lenses For Glasses – Replace Lenses In Your Full Rim Frames

Customers can add single vision or no-line progressive bifocal lenses. These come in either polycarbonate or high index lens materials and are UV protected. Scratch-resistant anti-reflective coating reduces digital eye strain and extends the life of your lenses. It is Hydrophobic, oleophobic, and reflects UV. Since we have great suppliers, they have given us access to quality photochromic lenses which transition to sunglasses in the sunlight. People love polarized lenses because they are the best sunglass lenses available period. Our optician does tinting in-house and can deliver a solid or gradient tint to your lenses for a traditional sunglass or a fun, bold colored lens for fashion.

When our customers finish making selections, they can simply click the Add to Cart button. On the checkout page, you will be asked to input the prescription, which was given to you by a doctor. People can answer a few simple questions to ensure the order is correct. We have provided only high quality options for your glasses because we want you to love them.

Please call (406) 241-9460 or email: if you need help or have any questions.




New Lenses For Glasses – Replace Lenses In Your Full Rim Frames

We understand that people are creatures of comfort. If you have a great frame you love and want to replace the lenses due to a prescription change, damaged lens, or simply to the desire for prescription sunglasses, look no further. We can make new lenses for glasses!
Sadly, not every pair of frames will work for replacement, so we need to ask that you to make sure the frames you send us are:

A. Designed to be prescription. Please no gas station glasses or drug store readers.
B. Still in very good condition. We cannot be responsible if your favorite old frames are too deteriorated to work on. Old plastic can become brittle and snap.
C. Packaged well when you send them to us to avoid damage before arriving.

Replacing the lenses in your favorite frames is simple! All it takes is a few easy steps!

1. Find your P.D. (pupillary distance)
It is often already written on your prescription by the doctor, but if it isn’t you can do this yourself.
In a mirror, measure from the center of one pupil to the center of the other pupil using a millimeter ruler. This can be done by a friend as well.
Measure a few times to make sure it is accurate.

2. Add the lenses you would like to the cart and add to cart.

3. Scan or take a clear picture of your current prescription so it can be uploaded at checkout.

4. Package your frames carefully inside a box with paper or bubble-wrap (to avoid damage) and send no signature required USPS or UPS to:

Refraction Optical Lab
609 Summit St
Marshalltown, IA 50158

If you have additional questions feel free to message us from the Contact Us page, so we can answer them for you! (Our email and phone number is also listed there.)

We cannot be responsible for any damage that occurs to your glasses while in transit to be serviced by us. Please package them well to avoid any problems.

Please do not request a signature when you send your frames to us. We are a small operation and are not always available to greet the postman. This could cause significant delays.


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