Replacement Lenses

We understand that people are creatures of comfort. If you have a great frame you love and want to replace the lenses due to a prescription change, damaged lens, or simply to the desire for prescription sunglasses, look no further. We can do it!

Sadly, not every pair of frames will work for replacement, so we need to ask that you to make sure the frames you send us are:

1. Designed to be prescription. Please no gas station glasses or drug store readers.

2. Still in very good condition. We cannot be responsible if your favorite old frames are too deteriorated to work on. Old plastic can become brittle and snap.

3. Packaged well when you send them to us to avoid damage before arriving.

Additional Information:

If you have additional questions feel free to message us from the Contact Us page, so we can answer them for you! (Our email and phone number is also listed there.)

We cannot be responsible for any damage that occurs to your glasses while in transit to be serviced by us. Please package them well to avoid any problems.

Please do not request a signature when you send your frames to us. We are a small operation and are not always available to greet the postman. This could cause significant delays.


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Showing all 3 results